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Building a Velocity XL

This and the following pages were intended to document online the construction of my first "Home Built Aircraft". The Plane I chose to build was a Velocity XL RG.

However, I started this web site almost 7 years ago. It took me about 5 years to get my kit flying. I had originally thought that this web site would be a great resource for other Velocity builders to reference. I had the 15th XL out of the factory and over the years Velocity Inc. has made substantial improvements and changes to the kit. Frankly these pages really no longer really reflect what your kit would be like if you ordered it today. So I have never really finished these pages. Besides just being lazy I just don't think it's worth the effort anymore. However, since I did this much I will leave what I have here. I will also be adding one last chapter, the elevator trims tabs in the near future.

Here are pictures of the factory demo completed and flying. Click for full size images.

Now if these pictures do not make testosterone flow in your system (regardless of your sex!) please see a doctor, then go buy a Volvo-- Immediately! Then, by all means, PLEASE drive your new Volvo at a max. speed of 47 mph in the left lane like the other Volvo drivers!

But for you non-Volvo people, the XL RG is Velocity Aircraft's biggest, fastest model. It is powered by a 260 HP IO-540 engine. The factory has recently added install kits for the TCM IO-550 engine. Either of these engines will push the aircraft along at well over 200 m.p.h. I originally had a lot of interest in using a Mazda rotary engine. After five years of building the airframe though I was really ready to bolt just bolt the Lycoming on and go. Which I did. However, I am still a very big believer in Rotary engines for aircraft use. If you are or may be interested in rotary power please see the. Mazda Rotary F.A.Q

There are many steps to building an aircraft at home.

There are some things you need to do before the plane arrives and there are some other steps between arrival and starting where the instructions pick up. I have labeled those pre-manual steps A-D and then we will follow through with the instruction manual.

 A Preparing the Shop 11/20/97   9 Main Gear  
 B Unloading the Engine 11/24/97 10 Fuselage  
 C Unloading the Kit 11/22/97 11 Doors & Windows  3/12/00
 D Taking it Apart?! 11/28/97 12 Control Systems  
 1 Introduction 11/28/97 13 Electrical/Instruments  
 2 Wings/Ailerons QB-W 14 Fuel System  3/07/00
 3 Winglets/Rudders QB-W 15 Fuselage Completion  
 4 Canard/Elevator QB-W 16 Wheels & Axles  
 5 Bulkheads 12/15/97 17 Engine/Propeller  
 6 Nose Gear   18 Fairings  
 7 Lower Cowl 19 Interior  
 8 Center Spar Section 12/14/97 20 Final Asmbly. & Finishing  
*"QB" Means "Quick Build". -F or -W denotes Fuselage or Wing kit

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