Wheels and Axles

The first step in "Wheels and Axles" is to trim down the gear leg to accept the disc brake assembly. The axle mounting holes came pre-drilled from the factory with the QB kit but we had covered them up in the torsional wraps in chapter 9.1. So we had to open them back up then merely had to put the axle in place and then start trimming until the calipers would fit on. Sounds easy but there is not a lot of meat left over after the trimming so we went real slow taking a little off at a time until we got the fit right while still leaving as much meat as possible.

Next is the portion of the brake lines that are permanently attached to the gear leg. This is a pretty straight forward process. First just fit the brake line on per the manual, adjusting to fit your gear leg...

then tack the brake line in place using five minute epoxy... (the shot to the left gives you a good view of the amount of meat left on the bottom axle mounting holes)

Then use some microglass to form a radius around the brake line and then cover the radiused brake line with two plies of fine bid.

That is it until we get the nose gear whipped a little better.

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