Lower Cowling

This step was done in it's entirety as part of the Quick Build Fuselage kit. There is not a lot in chapter 7 regardless. With the exception of drilling the mounting holes and installing nutplate receptacles

The regular Velocity kit comes with the fuselage in two complete half's- top and bottom- from nose to tail. After the firewall is installed this step can be done making the plane shorter and thence much easier to get around.  Especially for garage builders like me.

All you would normally do in this step is stick duct tape down on the inside fuselage half aft of the firewall where you want the cowling to remove. The lay several layers of fiberglass on the inside of the fuse lapping over onto the duct tape. The epoxy does not stick very well to duct tape.

After the glass dries, you can cut through the cowling being careful not to go through past the duct tape. Once it is cut all the way around, simply pull the cowling off.

7.3 Nutplate Installation

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