Chapter 8 Index

There is a lot of detail in chapter 8. I put more detail here than I probably will in the other chapters. One of the reasons it is so detailed is that the Velocity construction manual is written around the normal kit not the quick build fuselage kit so there is a lot here that is not in the manual.

The other reason this is detailed is that this is the first "real" airplane work I have done to this kit. The learning curve was slow and sharp. I was very unsure of myself and checked things several times and still screwed some stuff up. So here it is warts and all.

If your are building or thinking about building a QB kit this should help you out a lot. If not then there is probably too much detail. Just wanted to warn you!

Since chapter 8 is so long and I hate web pages that take 25 minutes to load, :-) I broke the chapter into several pieces. Here they are in order:

8 A - Leveling

8 B - Cut and Fit

8 C - Spar Build Up

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