Dedication Page

Purpose of these pages:
This page fills a couple of different purposes:

First off, I am in the computer business and it is just expected that I have a web page. The airplane thing makes very nice yet expensive page filler :-).

Next, I have friends all over the country (and thanks to the web) all over the world and this makes it easy to share my progress with them.

Here is the most important reason though... I have wanted to build my own plane for about 20 years now. A little over three years ago I got my wife's blessing to do so. So when the moment arrived that I could build a plane financially and socially, I had some very serious self doubts about my ability to do so.

Oh ya sure, I built Space Shuttle components and B-1B Bombers, I worked for the airlines for years, but we had tools and machines that cost more than my house! How would you build a straight fuse or wing without a jig! And the list of questions went on and on. Well, I ran across a web page- Cozy Mk IV Builders page. This was the first page I had seen that detailed step by step how to build a plane in your basement. I also wrote many e-mails to the owner of that page asking what now seem to be very stupid questions. He always answered and he always encouraged me. So these pages are dedicated to that person, Marc J. Zeitlin who convinced me I could do it! On the other hand, as this project progress' this could turn into "I'd like to blame Marc for fooling me into..." :-)

On that note, I have the very first quick build fuselage kit from Velocity and the 15 th XL kit, so maybe this can help others who come after me. Maybe I can do for others what Marc has done for me!

Lastly, I have always prided myself on my honesty even when it's not pretty, so I just gotta say: one major purpose of this page is to just show off! There I said it! But I put it at the very bottom so the odds are good no one will ever read it! Hah!