Unloading the Engine 

The engine was purchased from the fine folks at Mazdatrix. Mazdatrix is a RX-7/ rotary engine/ racing specialty shop. The engine was shipped via Yellow Freight. Man, this turned out to be a nightmare! In the past I have mail ordered other big ticket items that were shipped by truck. Washer and dryer sets and other large furniture. So I did not worry about this 350 pound shipment too much.

My mental plan was to back my pick-up right up to the back of the delivery truck with my tail gate down, put the engine on the delivery truck's lift gate, lower the lift gate down onto my my trucks tail gate and slide the engine off into my truck!

Yah right! '"The best laid plans of mice and men"'. The Yellow Freight truck did not have a lift gate! Argh!

Ok, ok, backup plan number one. Get my motor hoist, lift the motor out of the Big truck and set it in my small truck! AHHHHHH! The truck is too big, my motor hoist will not lift high enough to get my engine out of the big truck!

Ok, ok, backup plan number two. Put the motor hoist in the back of my pick up, lift up the crate, roll the motor hoist to the front of my truck bed and set the crate down on the tail end of the bed. This works ok until I try to roll the hoist in the bed. The road we are setting on has a "crown" for drainage so the truck was not level. I had to stand on one side of the motor hoist to keep the whole thing from falling over PLUS the hoist will still only lift high enough to get the create a fraction of an inch off the big truck's floor.

Hmmm. If I got out of my truck, taking my weight off the springs would probably lift the crate up high enough but if I step off the hoist it will turn over! What to do?! Well, Yellow Freight Man to the rescue. He got in my truck and drove it forward dragging the crate off the big truck. That was working well but Newton and his thrice damned laws kicked in and instead of us dragging the engine off the big truck we were dragging the hoist off my little truck. but at this point I was fed up and too stubborn to quit so I just held on for all I was worth and we got it off the big truck. Then I could lower the crate down on the ground.

Then we lifted the hoist off of the truck and picked up the engine again to put it in my truck and OH NO! The crown is getting us again! The hoist wants to turn over if we lift the crate up high enough to get it into the truck. So again, I am filling my role as ballast oh so well while the truck driver backs my truck under the crate. At last success!

I am a thirty-four year old byte-pusher by trade. Only my keyboard fingers get regular exercise. After 45 minutes of wrestling with 350 pounds of dead weight plus all the hefting of the 150 pound motor hoist I am wrung out like a well used dish rag. I am huffing and puffing and sweating and shaking. I look up at the truck driver to share our success and he's just standing there completely non-ruffled. Not a good ego-day :-)

I only wish I had pictures of this grand adventure but alas, I was far to busy. The only one I have is after we we finished. It gives you an idea of the relative sizes of my truck the big truck and the motor hoist.

This was the day before the kit was due to arrive. I decided to leave it in the truck until I had the kit unloaded. (This turned out to be a wise idea!)

Candace took this shot of the box after we unloaded the Velocity kit. Awfully small box for 350 pounds and 350 horse power huh?

A Few Days Later...

After the shop was reorganized, we got the engine out of the crate, took it to the car wash and cleaned it up pretty good. Then we got it out of the truck and onto the engine stand I got at Super Shops. (Pretty good place but they don't know jack about rotaries! :-) )

This is a good chance to introduce Scott Nix. He is my bestest airplane buddy in the whole wide world. He and I met when we both worked at Falcon Jet back in the mid to late 80's. Neither one of us builds airplanes for a living anymore. He lives in Amarillo Texas now and graced me with one of his rare visits when my kit got here. It's a darn good thing too because I do not know how I would have gotten the shop back into working order without his brains and brawn. Brawn to help me put wings up on walls etc. and brains to help me inventory and then get all the stuff put up and organized where I had room to work! Thanks a million Scott!

Anyway, here are a couple of shots of the engine once I got it in the shop. Scott is in a few of them.

This when we first got it back from the car wash. We just backed the truck right on in and hooked up the hoist.

Then we hoisted it up and pulled the truck out from under the engine and out of the garage. Man this hoist sure works better on a smooth, level concrete floor!

And then we got it on the stand so we could move it around the shop at will or rotate it around it's axis to work on any side.

This is the top of the engine as it sets in the car.

After all this work I decided to roll it into the most unused corner of the shop and not mess with it until I get the fuselage closer to a state where I can mount the engine.

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