My Favorite Links

Please help me add to this page. If you know of any good rotary or Velocity please sites let me know!

Contributor Links.
Velocity Aircraft. - Self explanatory.
Dynamic Wing Co.  -This is where I got my wings pre built.
Mazdatrix - This is where I got my engine. I really like the owner, Dave Lemon.
Real World Solutions - Rotary engines for aircraft stuff. Check it out!

Sites That I know of: Looks interesting but is still under construction! Really cool animation though! :-) This guy is offering free web space WITHOUT banner ads to Velocity builders. I believe he is even willing to assist the non-techie builder post their pics.
Don Hamm's Velo SUV FINALLY! Another Velocity Site! BTW: I officially HATE this guy because he is really making me look bad! :-) Good web site, great workmanship and he is moving FAST!
Velocity N1UT Site This site is still under construction (as of 7/7/00) but he is doing very interesting things with the elevator trim and he has W&B software available for the Velo.
A Velocity LW Project! Just found this one today, have not had time to explore it yet!
Saga of G A Venkatesh The Original!

Rotary Engine Links

Wankel Rotary Combustion Engines (WRCE)  --, the most comprehensive site on rotary engines I know off! If you want to learn more about rotaries this is the place to start!
Plugs up Actual Builders web site and mail list. Low volume high quality mail list.
Paul Lamars Rotary Newsletter site. Mostly theory but still good. Be prepared for LOTS of email if you sign up! You were warned! :-)
Real World Solutions -Yeah it's here twice but it's worth it! --Name says it all!
Yaw Power --Professional Rotary Guy and lots of info on this site!
Atkins Rotary --Professional Rotary Guy as well. A real pioneer in the field of rotary powered flight. Almost anything needed to fly with rotary power is available at Atkins (but not necessarily on the web site).

A list of Flying Wankels
Ed Anderson's RV-6A
Brice Dunays Viper -- (HEAVILY modified Cozy MkIV)
Tracy Crook's RV-4 --Yeah AGAIN!!
Neil Kruiswyk's Lancair 235
Perry Mick's Long-Eze -- I really like what he is trying. A REAL experimenter. I like that!
Yvon Cournoyer's Zenith CH-200 -- Lots of detail here! What an experimenter!

Wankel Planes in Progress
Marvin Kaye's Lancair 320

Other Non Rotary Builder sites I like:
Steve Genotte's Europa site. Pizza Cutter Man!
Cozy MkIV Builders Page This is the one that started it all for me!

Generic Aviation Links

Avweb -- Steve Genotte turned me on to this one. Great on-line aviation magazine.
Landings -- Good site.
Experimental Aircraft Assn.
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assn.
Airnav Great flight planning site! Find MOGAS nationwide!

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